The FreePDC | A Free Permaculture Design Course

Join us on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm MDT on Zoom:

About the FreePDC:

The ‘FreePDC’ (Permaculture Design Course), an ongoing, weekly permaculture discussion, and yes, it’s free!
Come join us as cover the entire permaculture design curriculum typically found in ‘PDC’ courses around the world. Those who attend all classes and complete the course work will receive a ‘Permaculture Design Certificate’, a prerequisite for advanced classes, internship and employment opportunities in the permaculture community. See the schedule below for an overview of the discussion content!

This will be an ongoing course, meaning every three months, we start over. Join anytime and participate in all 12 discussions! (We encourage starting with the first discussion if possible.)

Join us through Zoom if you cannot come in person, or you are not local.
If you'd like to join in person (the classes are held in Mt. Pleasant, Utah), please email

When: Tuesday evenings July 11th – September 26th, from 6 to 9 PM for this round.
See the schedule for details.

Where: The Crockett Residence (6890E 17250 N, Mt Pleasant UT 84647)
Show directions

Directions to the Crockett Residence:
At the intersection of 500 W and 1000 S turn down 1000 S. It is right by Terrell’s. You will pass the armory, then Contoy arena and the sewer ponds. There is a road on your left, Anderson Lane. Turn left onto that road. The road will turn a 90 degree right. From there keep going down that road going through a 4 way intersection. At the 4 way, drive down 3/4 of a mile, and the house is on the left. There is a white gate. The house sits back from the road. There is a pavilion and old cabin up front.

Schedule & Discussion Overview:

July 11 - Discussion 1 | Principles vs. Principalities July 18 - Discussion 2 | The Shape of Permaculture July 25 - Discussion 3 | Pattern Understanding August 1 - Discussion 4 | Human Settlements August 8 - Discussion 5 | Water & Soil August 15 - Discussion 6 | Plant Systems August 22 - Discussion 7 | Permaculture Design Process September 5 - Discussion 8 | New Beginnings, Getting Started September 12 - Discussion 9 | Plant Medicine September 19 - Discussion 10 | Whole Foods

You can find recordings of each class here.